About Shade Setters

Shae Ege tinting a car at Sema Show

Colorado's trusted automotive window
tint & paint protection company

For the last 5 years we have been Colorado's industry leader, protecting our customers from UV damadge and preserving their vehicle asthetics

We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products & expert installations. We look forward to you becoming a member of the Shade Setters family.

Our Services

Icon of a car with window tint applied

Window Tint

Improve your vehicles look, keep your vehicles interior dramatically cooler, and protect yourself from UV rays.

Icon of a car with paint protection film applied

Paint Protection

Protect your investment by preserving the quality of your vehicles paint with our paint protection film.

Icon of a car having tint removed

Tint Removal

Ready for a fresh start? We can remove your vehicles old window tint or paint protection film.


Shae was incredibly professional from beginning to end and was straight forward about everything. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tint job.

- Taylor Hinds

Shae went above and beyond my expectations and got it done in a timely manner, will only recommend from here on out. Finally found a legit tint guy!

- Derek Becker

Shae is amazing he really does care about his work and always wants you to be happy! Shae will always tint my vehicles. And has done all the tinting on my truck and I am very pleased.

- Preston Bosher

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend cleaning your windows with an ammonia free window cleaner and a clean micro fiber cloth.

Please wait 3-5 days after the tint is applied before you roll your windows down.

Please wait 3-5 days after your clear bra is applied before you go through a car wash. You can go through a car wash one day after the window tint is applied as long as you don't roll your windows down.

The window tint is applied to the inside of the windows but it's shaped to the outside of the windows.

The legal limit in Colorado is 27% on the two front windows. We stay above this legal limit by applying 30%-35% window tint.

Our Window Tint and Clear Bra come with a lifetime warranty against purpling, peeling, fading, cracking, bubbling, and delamination.

Shortly after installation a slight haze or tiny water pockets may appear between the film and the glass. Do not be worried - this is common and it will dry-out and disappear. Sometimes however, the moisture can seem excessive and it can take longer to go away, particularly in cold climates. If you experience this DO NOT attempt to pop or squeeze the pockets - make an appointment and we will fix the issue.